1. “Keep doing what you are doing,”
    - Prof. Ivan Galamian, The Juilliard School, New York. 
  2. "One of our foremost master teachers,"
    - Bein & Fushi, Inc., Chicago. 
  3. "It is with pleasure that I recommend DREW LECHER as a violinist, musician and fine teacher. I have had ample opportunity to witness the excellent result of his teaching and the good human relationship he always establishes with his pupils, and thereby helps them greatly in their progress."
    - Prof. Yfrah Neaman, Head, Advanced Solo Studies Department, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London.
  4. "I am happy to testify from personal knowledge to the notable teaching ability of Mr. Drew Lecher. He teaches to a fine standard: being a person of warm natural sympathy, he is able to make great demands musically and technically without inducing pressure: and by the same token, he can inspire pupils with his own musical intensity without creating tension. I know the results of his teaching to be quite remarkable."
    - Meredith Davis, CBE, MA, B.MUS.(Oxon), FRCM, Hon. RAM. Hon. FTCL, Internationally renowned conductor & formerly Principal, Trinity College of Music, London.
  5. "Mr. Lecher had notable success as a teacher of violin at this School. He worked with students at all stages, from first year to post graduate. He was also on the string staff of Wells Cathedral School, one of the three leading music schools in England, and therefore has considerable experience of working with children under eighteen.

    Mr. Lecher brought considerable qualities to his teaching. Starting with the sound and the music, he developed the technique of the student to best express his musical impulse. Mr. Lecher's pupils proved to be leading figures in orchestral and chamber music activities; he is a particularly fine chamber music coach.

    Of course, implicit in all his work is the fact that he himself is a very fine player, with wide experience and practice in the solo, chamber music and orchestral repertoires.

    Mr. Lecher has my wholehearted commendation for whatever he undertakes in teaching and playing."
    - John Hosier, (former) Principal, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London.
  6. "…He was concerned with teaching some of our ablest specialist violin pupils. He quickly established for himself a reputation, not only as a teacher of high standard, but as a person who showed considerable interest in his pupils. He was popular for the right reasons because those taught by him trusted his judgements; they respected his high standard of professional commitment, he was always ready to give advice and encouragement where it was needed and merited. He assisted in the development of chamber music in the school –– I should perhaps explain that we are one of four specialist schools recognised in this country for the training of young musicians at the highest level. ... He always maintained high personal standards in his relationship with his pupils."
    - A. K. Quilter, M.A. , Headmaster, Wells Cathedral School, Somerset.