Teaching and playing professionally since the age of 19, DREW LECHER was appointed––at age 24––Professor of Violin, and later Viola, at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London. He further honed his teaching skills working with gifted children as Specialist Instructor of Violin, Viola & Chamber Music at the Wells Cathedral School in Somerset, England, and on the faculty of the City of London’s Pimlico School.

Philosophy––The most important individual in the studio is the student––what is best for them personally, academically and musically (both technically and artistically).

Teaching over 36 years, DREW LECHER has just published two books––Violin Technique, the Manual and Viola Technique, the Manual. Technique is the tool by which we accomplish the artistic and these books are a concise, easy to grasp collection of ‘kernels’––concepts and actions––that, as applied and elaborated upon provide both efficiency and accessibility for all levels––beginner to professional. Included is Terms & Tips, which deals with both the technical aspects of playing and explanations of frequently used musical terminology.

With either of these books you will develop a higher degree of understanding and mastery of the instrument, whatever your level of accomplishment.

A new area of concentration has recently developed––that of composition. “Prayer” is the first such completed and arranged work.

Thank you for your interest.